I know what I want, and by that I mean, I know I have this concept i’ve been #&$%ing around with for like five years and I’ve been failing at it. I’ve tried to go to markup, and applied myself repeatedly here at Squarespace, but now I just might understand better how to go about mixing my personal and professional life. Continued…

Are Millenial clients different than GenX and Baby Boomers? Spoiler warning: They aren’t the same.

I’ve started a series about a multi function space that Russ, Tim, and I designed. The first piece touches on the growing trend of multi function spaces and the challenges of designing a space meant to serve as a dining room / open concept, as well serve laundry and storage needs. Read it here.

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You have some part in raising them, but they’re also independent creatures. And they’re not a formula, or baking recipe. You have these legal responsibilities, and all these hopes, and resources, and help you want to give to them. Cause you just want them to be successful, and happy. You gotta let them figure out their life though, and that used to mean you had to let them fail, i’m not sure what it means now.

I think most of my past being lost on old IDE drives, 100mb zip disk floppies, and computers that haven’t been powered up in ten or more years is ok. I think we can no longer safely keep a public archive of our messy youth, cause the current culture of enlightenment has a lot of good to it, but it is also pitch forks and torches. Don’t get on the wrong side of what is deemed “appropriate” even if it is out of the past. What I wrote about when I was 25, which was about the same time you’d find me reading Anne Sexton (and Ted Hughes,) while drinking natural light, is not the family man and member of the community I am today. I stand by those years, but you not being able to crawl through all of my rants is probably ok, I have kids now.