Walking to work.

For the last six months I’ve been riding my bike to work. I haven’t used the car much. This is pretty exciting. Trying to dial things into being hyper local has been exciting. The more we get into local the more it makes sense to use the resources around us, as opposed to going out of our way to say save money on groceries. The causality really throws a wrench at your entire way of looking at things. Six months into bicycling I’m so close to the job it makes just as much sense to walk now.

Putting the effort into creating a routine is hard. Having to change that routine is hard. Some of the goal is about shaking the trap of routine. There is certainly nothing wrong with having a healthy cycle of doing things, but then routine traps you and it feels hard to break free from. 

A picture of some unspecified wild flower. 

A picture of some unspecified wild flower. 

We’re in the midst of two remodels and moving into an impossibly small house; there is no routine anymore. And really, maybe I’ve had enough of routine. Maybe this is the beginning of my personal disruption, where I can live the rest of my life comfortable with uncertainty, and not feeling like the aforementioned is a negative either.

I have this concert I’m traveling to in the next few days and I’ve gotta decide on if I’m going to drive there, or catch a bus and just try to wing it. I think part of me wants to wing it. I know what the trip looks like from inside a car, maybe I’ll catch a bus.

All I really know is that I have to work, continue this move, keep remodeling both houses and get on the other side of this transition. There is no routine anywhere in sight. I think I’m ok with that and it looks like I walk to work now.