In 2014 Paul was promoted to the role of IT Program manager. This role oversaw an interdepartmental solution being developed by the company network architect and the programming team.  Paul successfully carried this project during the Convergent transition and integration into Ballantyne Strong. This leadership led to an eventual contract signed with Coca Cola.

In 2014/2015 Paul managed over $300,000 in contracts and building upgrades, including:

Building Upgrades

Paul negotiated and maintained all IT infrastructure for Convergent Medai Systems and it's warehouse location. He liaised with building facilities and Ballantyne Corporate.  This interdepartmental cooperation included Paul managing all Generator and UPS management, contract negotiations and service. 

Campus Lighting

In 2014 Paul developed a four phase project to upgrade and incorporate Ballantyne Strong architectural lighting solutions throughout the corporate headquarters. This four phase upgrade brought together facilities, lighting, upper management and subcontractors to complete the current upgrades to the Convergent Media Systems campus. 

Convergent Media Systems Campus Solution Upgrades

In 2014 Paul managed and successfully deployed a hundred thousand dollar Showroom upgrade n 21 days.

In 2015 Paul complimented the Convergent Showroom with a series of upgrades throughout the Convergent Media Systems campus.  These on site upgrades were placed to actively demo wayfinding, EventBoardMobile.com, Ask Cody, Nano Nation, Sppinetix & NFC/Apple iBeacon integrations.

Conference Room Upgrades

Paul oversaw and managed the technology for six conference rooms, led 3 major room upgrades.
These upgrades included:
Avaya Scopia® XT Video Conferencing
4k LCD and 2k projector and screen upgrades.
Crestron integration.
Ask Cody meeting room intergration