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Earth Sky Builders


A residential homebuilder in Decatur Georgia. Paul joined Earth Sky Builders in 2015 after 30 years in Information Technology. Paul spent 2 years in the field learning the business before joining the front office as Program Manager, where he now oversees business development and client relations. Photos and design.

Brocks Sawmill


Locally sourced lumber processed and cut for you in the hills of Oxofrd Georgia. Mr Brock and his sons run the family saw mill daily, serving businesses and individuals looking for help with their hobbies and additions. Photo and design.

Pictures that are different


Hobby photographers communicate in images, we remember with pictures. Our work is a reflection of who we are, our obsessions, our fetishes, and fears.



I think most of my past being lost on old IDE drives, 100mb zip disk floppies, and computers that haven’t been powered up in ten or more years is ok. I think we can no longer safely keep a public archive of our messy youth, cause the current culture of enlightenment has a lot of good to it, but it is also pitch forks and torches. Don’t get on the wrong side of what is deemed “appropriate” even if it is out of the past. What I wrote about when I was 25, which was about the same time you’d find me reading Anne Sexton while drinking natural light, is not the family man and member of the community I am today. I stand by those years, but you not being able to crawl my rants is probably ok, I have kids now.