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 1/24/2016 5:21:52 PM

I'm writing my annual blog entry. 

I’ve come to realize that since The Big Change my relationship (symbiosis?) with the computer has been severed… This entry serves as acknowledgement that I'm attempting to reignite my writing voice. 

In the corporate cage there was this balance that the computer and the handheld had. It doesn’t matter what kind of handheld I mean either. Android, IOS, phone, tablet. All of these devices served as companions to my digital journey, but the personal computer was my companion & primary interface, not a 3 inch slab. I don't write on handheld devices* Now most of my hand and eye time is with with tools, the handheld is my R2 unit. I think as a writer and explorer this new interfacing with the interweb is both disjointed and less than what I had before. And my personal relationship with the PC has suffered. Technical work is going along fine, but part of me is the computer. Part of how I express myself is in the qwerty, can be found in stream of conscious, I have lost that. 

Truth be told though this all started a few years ago. Times have changed and who I was in the digital spectrum back then is not appropriate in this day and age. I don't think I could get away with living my life outloud, like I used to. 

Protege r200-s2031 circa 2007

Protege r200-s2031 circa 2007

So this is how I find myself rocking a 1.3ghz Toshiba Portege with five hundred and twelve meg of ram, running windows XP. This lady has a modem jack, a physical switch to turn off wireless-which is off and nearly (?) ten year old battery that gives me maybe seventy minutes of use. It weighs a pound and a half, is about the size of a eleven inch macbook. I’m going to try to use this device to write without distraction-in small spurts. I find it really hard to take out my Vaio or Air to casually write, without getting lost in the web, picture editing or other fuckery. I think I’ve lost some part of myself and it is has something to do with my new life, gear and living situation. This will be part of what I attempt to explore in this new batch of writing. 

*I don't write on handhelds much, but editing seems to be functional.


This machine I’m working from is dual boot (high geekiness,) so in addition to Windows XP, It also has a linux distro called peppermint. This Linux install used to be a pretty positive build for lean computers, though I think its time has come to pass and the team is no longer updating Peppermint. I still like Peppermint for setting up an old machine, when you have low expectations and low requirements.

Other equipment that I’m using for this penny in time-traveling gear “retro fit” is a fourth gen ipod photo, it’s 30gb. I don’t know what I’m doing with it. I broke it and two other ipads out so that I could revive them and make some use of them in the home stereo system. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but these old totems all tie into an era and this span of technology is in theory cross related in my memory, which could aid in my work on the old tech.

To that end… Each generation destroys the tech of the past. We find ourselves in this rush to assume the latest and greatest; progress is merciless. It works for moving us forward and in some way, it provides opportunities for the old timers to exit the low end of commoditization and become valuable again, the old stuff never completely goes away. It still brings no reason to the ipod. I’ll see if there is anything I can do with it.

1/24/2016 8:15:11 PM

Ok I totally worked out the ipod and what to do with it. While I’m deep scanning drives that I come across, I’m going to slowly build a greatest hits ipod that I can press play on and be ok with every song. In the past I’ve gotten stuck on wanting to have complete albums, which I think was a puritanical thing, not wanting to submit to the “buy the song” movement. Ten plus years later though the single and the album have their respective places. A lot of performers don’t really have an album I them. The new Missy Elliot WTF song is just fine by itself, it does not require other songs and really does make you want to go back to her back catalog. And I hated that Ryan Adams Taylor Swift cover album he did-too Andy Kaufman for my tastes. It is definitely intended as a album, not a single song though. This is Ipod will just be a curated “Every song is good to hear” kinda player. I feel kinda liberated.

Also, Toshiba provided the microdrives that powered the full sized iPods, this drive happens to be the same kind of miniature hard drive that runs in my laptop.  I might need to line up donor parts now if I'm going to be using this little laptop regularly 

Toshiba Microdrive

Toshiba Microdrive