Mumble mumble

Writing about writing on a computer continues...

*If you told me i’d want to spend a disproportionate amount of time writing about what I was writing on, I would have self criticized myself. Writing about writing is bad enough. Writing about what you’re writing with is * probably* worse. There must be some reason though, outside of just having nothing to write about and just looking down at the instrument and that being all that comes to your mind. *

That said...

*I’m currently writing with Pages 09, it’s lean, has a good interface, feels Microsoft Workish. But it doesn’t offend the “I like Microsoft Word” crowd. There is a very pleasing “full screen” mode. This single tasking function gives you a white screen for your text, bordered by a larger black background. The only information it communicates is word count and how many pages you’ve written. The help function is pretty amazeballs and guides you to what you’re looking up and it does all of this in real time. T*

*I’ve wondered about whether I should maybe get out of traditional entry writing business. Maybe I should build a series of entries that I add to and edit. Then I could just have one gargantuan entry about the 12 inch Powerbook G4. *

Website vs Mobile ready: The quotable madman.

I’ve been thinking about getting back into code again, just some simple HTML and maybe a little CSS. It seems overwhelming and overkill for blithering on about random shit. Squarespace seems fine for the more static image centric and self promoting elements I need to have on hand. I’ve also been thinking about bringing back the old KFO, even bringing back the 3.0 interface, but that interface is not mobile friendly and that is the kiss of death now. How do you make a mobile friendly zine that also houses a blog? Should my energy be about trying to figure out a mobile friendly solution which is appropriate for the time but completely abandons the web site model?

And do I go back and touch my old entries? Do I maybe make them bite sized, or quotable? Do I repackage the stream of conscious into tweet era style writing? Yesterdays deep is todays rambling mess, right?

At the mall

Rosie and I went mall shopping today. Rosie isn’t much of a fan of clothes shopping, but she has a gala event coming on and we all agree her wardrobe is not up to snuff. Shopping for clothes can be fun, as long as your goal is to just hang out and trying things on. If your mission is that you have to walk into a store and absolutely must walk out with your required garments, it can be a downer.

We went to a half dozen stores. This was my first time taking her to Nordstorm Rack. Think Marshalls, with clothes at Marshalls prices and in addition to that a rich selection of ludicrously priced stuff that has been lowered to just absurd prices. We did find one piece, matte, non tapered stretch slacks, out of Indonesia. They need to be altered, so next up is establishing a relationship with a local tailor. We now have five days to find a shirt and shoes to go with it. I think we can do it.