Getting out of the rut

I have tried to make this commitment to write daily.  I always write, but most of what is going on the page is communications to clients.  I have had a pretty good run doing technology writing, but that has created this whole question for me about understanding what my motivations are.

For about three years now I’ve had these concepts that i’ve played around with.  Do I want to document stuff from the past? Do I want I want to talk about these historic restorations? Do I want to everyman the use case of technology in a detailed way? A part of me has wanted to greatly document projects with glorious pictures and a lot of detail.  Another part of me wants to just get some good thoughts out there.

None of this is really so much for an audience or niche anymore.  I’m just trying to bring some sense of purpose to daily activities.

I used to be really good at the routines sleep, work, create, and fucking off.  Somehow I was able to produce and relax and do all those other things.  it seems of late though, work, sleep and not accounting for my time (decompression,) has really been the crux of it and I know that is mostly just cause family life is tricky and I’ve gone back to a heavy work schedule.

I’ve started a few things in preparation of this most recent attempt to write more and store my work.  Last year I started some new hosting, it was a deal and I wanted to go back to hand coding my pages.  I hoped the novelty of coding and wanting to write would just really reinvigorate me; that was a failure.  Adding another obstacle to writing in the form of obsessing over page detail was not relaxing.

I also wanted to rethink navigation in the sense that I wanted to write with less of a linear post mentality and I hoped to just let my mind wander.  We haven’t really seen this kinda inter site linking for a long time, everything is in a CRM of late and just waterfalls down the page.  This concept felt really good in my head, but the thought of touching on a subject and then a series of expounding companion pieces also did not lend itself to more writing.

In the last decade I went from being a very public figure, to remarrying and then leading a private life and watching as the internet turned into a pornographic lynch mob.  A lot of my concerns about self expression are now quaint, though the burden of setting boundaries about what is and is not acceptable to talk about, in my personal life is still to be worked out.

Words have meaning.Thoughts must be reflected on.Posting online is not writing in a journal.I see why it feels safer to muse on gadgets...