TheP10Project Phase 2

We bought house number 2!

This time out we're going to try to reach past managing the build and doing grunt work. This time we're going to do much of the work and remodeling ourselves. We're going to envision and do it ourselves.

There is so much potential when you own a home. And so many of us do nothing more than decorate the interior, maybe plant annuals. I'm glad to say we got time on our hands and we're ready to build some sweat equity.

You have so much you have to do when you own a home, or it will come slowly down around you. The worse part is that slow decline. We steep in decay and rot, till it seems to far gone to save.

So we've found a six hundred and thirty square foot cottage. She's a diamond in the rough. Because of her age condition, and the era she was built in we're going to work to freshen the space, we don't want to gut her. We're going to try to celebrate her origin and modernize her amenities, while we're at it we hope to give the neighborhood a face lift.

In the first thirty days we're going to replace the roof, overhaul the HVAC, maybe replacing flooring and update the exterior. It's ambitious, but we need to do it, we got a renter coming and a 2nd inspection.