Tech Writing: Intro

What if money had no meaning? What if you could have any computer you want?  What if the computer you want doesn’t exist? it almost seems like we are in this new age of the form factor.  It used to be the desktop, then the laptop, and now we have hand helds and the internet of things.  How some of us work has changed. I used to work in a world where it was common to have a nice desktop and a pretty good laptop.    But my 2nd career has really changed my connection with computers as productivity devices to aid me on a day to day basis.  In the last year I’ve tried to reimagine my use case for how I integrate with technology. 

I have spent the last eight years or so with a few desktop computers, a couple of laptops, a tablet and a phone, sometimes two phones.  The multiple desktops spent their time at my office and home.  Same goes for the laptop, where it has been common for me to have work laptop and a personal laptop.  Ditto regarding phones and if I didn’t have a personal phone and a work phone sometimes I would just have two phones, cause they served different purposes. My use of so many devices didn’t change when i left IT for carpentry, the number went down, but i still found myself puttering around on multiple computers. But I’ve been like this with technology for years. That is another piece to write on i think.  Lately I’ve wanted to rethink hardware, software and the cloud.  So I’m working on writing a series of pieces which talk about the past and the present.