Have I figured out how to be in one place?

I've struggled for a number of years now trying to figure out how to express myself in one place. Where does the photography go? Where do the business articles go, where do personal thoughts and musings go?

What I know is that I don't want to be at very Social Media silos. I know there are communities where I can share my work, and places where my friends and family can watch my rants. Oh how web 2.0 has been appified, and now that has been cloud based, and now we're going into this brave new world. I get it, i'm an old man on some front. I don't want to be famous, but I do want to do something like how I did it before, but using the tools at hand today, while still somehow not conforming to these god damn silos.

I want to go back to world of "All of this is about me, and anyone who is with me" We can call it a blog, or a communal zine, with some curation, or whatever. I just want all of the versions of me to be ok with each other. And to be honest, I just had a lot of porfessional influx going on, enough that I was too confused and certainly a little chicken shit about it all.

I also don't know about Squarespace. I appreciate the hosting opportunity, but i've never really found a computer that just works in an awesome way with Squarespace. It (the Squarespace web interface,) gets a little clunky over time, and tends get lost in memory after awhile, and I have to close out of the pages, this usually happens after about seven minutes of trying to work around glitches. So i've certainly struggled to get a good vibe with tinkering. I build client sites with Square space, usually with better luck, cause i'm not lingering, but even then, things could be better. Also, the page arrangement requires a delicate touch, and you have to be oke with way more white space than I necessarily always want, but i've not had enough momentum to jump ship to Wordpress or some other WYSIWYG / templatey site, and i've experimented with markup and going back to building pages, and that shit is for the birds.

Much of the problem is that I don't have a vision, I want to tinker and find my voice, I don't think there is an app for that, unless I just want to have a single container blog, and tag everything, and I want more energy to the page.

Lastly, I think i'm inspired. I worked on some side projects yesterday, which left me working 7 straight days, most of them with a cold, and I think i'm on the other side. Maybe i've had a breakthrough.